Unesco Sites in Val di Noto

Catania, Siracusa, Noto, Ragusa, Modica, Scicli, Caltagirone, Piazza Armerina

There’s a unique flavor in Sicily, the result of a mix of people and traditions, that blends with its thriving vegetation. This island will reveal itself in all its dazzling beauty: from the products of the land to the majestic architecture, every village will tell you its history and evolution, while the sweet sound of the sea that shattered on crashes against the rocks, will make you swing along the itinerary. Through this tour you will see a lot of Unesco Sites of the island and the Montalbano locations, discovering its secrets and history without stress.

DURATION: 5 days/ 4 night

1st DAY
Arrival in Pozzallo (*)

A journey that becomes alive and takes shape from the works of Camilleri both on screen and in real life.

We will discover the shores where the main character, Salvo, dives and visit the homesteads and the art cities that serve as a setting for each case while

enjoying that peculiar flavor Camilleri and the series have been able to transmit to every home in recent years: the taste of the most genuine Sicily.

Our journey together will start in the morning: we will reach Montalbano’s house in Punta Secca, near Santa Croce Camerina. We will then move over to Ragusa Ibla, a city that is often used to represent the imaginary town of Vigata in the drama.

Here we will visit Piazza Duomo, the Hyblaean gardens, St. George’s portal, St. Joseph’s Church and Piazza Pola.

Afterwards we will get to know Modica, the city of Salvatore Quasimodo, well known for the outstanding chocolate production, where we will visit other Montalbano’s location.

Finally we reach Scicli where we’ll visit the cemetery and the famous police station.

Overnight Noto area

* Note: If you arrive to Catania’s airport,  we will start the tour with Catania and Mt Etna

2nd DAY
Siracusa and Noto

Siracusa and Ortigia will today guide us onto a journey in the discovery of the ancient Greek world.

We will start the day wandering among the stalls of the peculiar Ortigia’s market, an authentic and original temple of traditions and folklore. The path will lead us ot the Tempio di Apollo (Temple of Apollo), Piazza Archimede (Archimede’s Square), Piazza Duomo and the famous Fontana Aretusea (Fountain of Arethusa).

Then the Neapolis archaeological park where, among its renowed theater and the impressive Orecchio di Dionisio (Ear of Dionysus), we will be able to relive the glorious days of this ancient Greek colony.

The main attraction of the day will be NotoBaroque‘s masterwork and World Heritage Site since 2002.

The city will disclose itself in the full splendor of its reconstruction, happened after the devastating earthquake in 1693: from Chiesa di Santa Chiara (St. Clare Church) to the Cattedrale di San Nicola (St. Nicholas Cathedral) up to the main monuments of the old town center.

Overnight Noto

3rd DAY
Piazza Armerina and Caltagirone

In the centre of Sicily there is a Roman Villa – beautifully conserved, the Villa “Del Casale”dating back to the IV century – a few km from Piazza Armerina. Famous for its

mosaics, it shows us how the Romans used to live – precisely weaving policrome arranged in a skillful way to form mosaic.

After Lunch you will depart to Caltagirone,sicilian capital of the ceramics and site Unesco for the baroque. A beautiful city that offers various monuments, Stairs of S. Maria del Monte – famous for its 142 steps with floor tiles in stunning ceramic, Cathedral of San Giuliano, Church of San Giiuseppe, Municipal Gardens and many handicraft shops where you can find ceramic gifts.

Overnight Noto

4th DAY
Palazzolo Acreide and Pantalica

Right after breakfast, we will carry on with our journey into the Sicilian Baroque reaching the ancient Greek colony named Palazzolo Acreide. We will explore the archaeological site area consisting of a beautiful Greek theater, a bouleuterion, some sanctuaries and the necropolis. We will then discover the modern part of the city through the Baroque churches of San Paolo (St. Paul) and San Sebastiano (St. Sebastian), Palazzo Caruso and Palazzo Judica. We will afterwards be visiting the historic house museum of Antonino Uccello, Italian anthropologist and poet, where we will retrace the history of the Sicilian peasant.

The conclusion of our day will be spent at Pantalica, natural reserve and one of the biggest necropolis in the whole in Europe, consisting of more than 5,000 tombs chiselled into the rock. We will furthermore visit the Byzantine church and the Anaktoron (the Prince Palace) before returning to the farm holiday.

5th DAY
Mt Etna and Catania

During this day we will get to know the true Queen of eastern Sicily, who is called by the natives as a muntagna (The mountain): the volcano Etna.

Right after breakfast we will begin our journey headed to the Rifugio Sapienza (Sapienza Refuge, at elevation of 1800 m) stopping in front of the Crateri Silvestri.

Here we will do some shopping among the characteristic lodges of the area; later on we will be able to savour some lunch.

A city made by lava, washed by the sea and at the foot of the highest volcano in Europe, Catania tells the story of a double reconstruction. Following the strong eruption of 1669 and the earthquake of 1693, the city was in fact entirely rebuilt, assuming that characteristic gray color and the purely baroque spirit that have made it an artistic jewel of eastern Sicily.

Transfer to Port or Airport


  • Overnights (Noto: 4 stars hotel in the old center, farmhouse 17 km from Noto, Relais 2 km from Noto)
  • Transfer from/to Porto or Airport
  • transport by luxury Mercedes