The taste of the oil of Vernèra

The organic olive oil of the Hyblaean Mountains

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In the countryside of Buccheri, along the old road down to the valley, you will find the ancient olive trees of Vernèra that Gaetano Spanò, a roadbuilder from Philadelphia, bought to enlarge a piece of land inherited from his father when he returned to Buccheri in the late 1920s. Here, for four generations, the Spanò family have produced an oil which expresses the characteristic taste of this land: sweet and genuine.

Vito Spanò, son of Gaetano, an acclaimed physician, felt great love for the olive groves of his land. When, in the Sixties, with this magic vision he went around among the olive trees of Vernèra, recognizing them one by one and seeing the soul of each of them, he never thought that one day his name would be famous overseas.

Today, Mariagrazia, Tania and Gaetano, Vito’s children, carry on the family tradition with the passion inherited from their father, who raised them to respect nature and the seasons. That respect that currently we call “organic” once meant simply to pamper the land as if it were a daughter.

But the real stars are the olives of the Tonda Iblea, a variety with unique features not found in territories other than the Hyblaean Mountains. This native variety, from which the company Vernèra has been producing oils since 2007, still receives high-ranking national and international awards. The oil won Gold Medal at the World Olive Oil Competition in New York 2019, Silver Medal from Orciolo D’oro 2019, Gold Medal from JOOP 2019, just to mention the most recent. But the sons of Vito say that it’s all about their father, grandparents and great-grandparents. And it is to their family that they dedicate the three top quality oils which are produced on the farm.

Le Terre di Vito is an organic extra virgin olive oil. An intense fruitiness that embraces a harmony of fragrances of the smell of freshly cut grass, artichoke and green tomato. It is a symbol of nostalgic gratitude of the children of Vito to their father.

Le Case di Lavinia is an organic extra virgin olive oil, single variety of Tonda Iblea DOP, which carries the perfect balance of bitter and spicy tones. Vito was so proud, he wanted to dedicate it to his wife, Lavinia.

Vico Rosella #1 is a Sicilian PGI extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality. It is traditional, because the oil is produced from a mixture of native cultivars of the Hyblaean Mountains, as in the past.

You are invited to savour the history and taste of these generous oils with a visit to Vernèra, where you can take a tour of the olive groves, visit the oil mill from the early 1900s, have a guided tasting of the oils, accompanied by bread, olives, wine and cheese, or alternately, buy the oils directly from the website,, and season the dishes of your own table with the unique flavour of the oil of the Hyblaean Mountains.


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Written by: Valdinoto Team

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