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Homemade cold cuts and sausage

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The meats and cured meats of the Hyblaean Mountains are appreciated for their genuineness and extreme taste. In Buscemi, a characteristic village of the Iblei Mountains, you can find the tradition for processing mountain sausages at the Rosario Russo Butcher Shop. The owners have handed down the passion for good things and the quality of meat for three generations..

In this historic butcher shop, Rosario offers a tasting of cold cuts which is an authentic full tasting immersion in a concert of aromas and flavors typical of Sicily. With a calm and kind attitude of those who know his job well, Rosario cuts his traditional dry sausage which has been slow and careful. He lays it gently on the cutting board, explaining that it is one of the oldest tradition products and is still prepared just like it used to be: pork, Sicilian wild fennel, wine and pepper that are harmoniously blended and stuffed. He then invites to taste some slices of the walnut salami and pistachio salami, the culatello (a true masterpiece of craftsmanship), the loin, the capocollo, the pork jelly (a local specialty of ancient tradition), the soppressata and the wild boar salami. And finally, speck and bresaola, also home-produced. The Nero d’Avola wine that accompanies the tasting is a perfect pairing.

The secrets of the success of the Macelleria Russo cured meats are a careful hand-working of the meats, a long and patient maturing, aromas and local spices and a lot of passion.

We always recommend booking in case you want to do a tasting with groups of people.

To order products to savor them at home, back from vacation, or make a gift rich in taste and quality, Macelleria Russo offers vacuum packing, package preparation or baskets and shipping throughout Italy.

Macelleria Rosario Russo Vittorio Emanuele, 114/116
Buscemi (Siracusa)

Tel: +39 0931878034
Mail: [email protected]

Written by: Valdinoto Team

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