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Restaurant in the centre of Grammichele

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Bistrò Win61 is a bistro restaurant in the historic centre of Grammichele, where you can savour dishes typical of the Sicilian home cuisine.

In charge of the kitchen is the chef Carmelio Filia, who for about 40 years has been satisfying the palates of the Calatino region with his prized recipes based on typical local products such as potatoes cooked in hot oil with aubergine cream, Grammichelesian ravioli (with Grammichese sausage and ricotta) and lasagna reminiscent of his childhood (baked in the oven), not to mention linguine alla norma or pasta with a Grammichele sausage sauce.

Together with his wife and children, Carmelo discerningly manages Bistrò Win61, giving this place a welcoming family atmosphere, with his commitment to spread with pride and passion throughout the Calatino region this wonderful gastronomic family history that is now in its third generation.

In addition to the internal room, Bistrò Win61 customers can also enjoy an outside terrace overlooking the historic buildings of the centre of Grammichele, an ideal place to relax by sipping a good glass of wine or a cocktail, accompanied by one of the rich and always different offerings of aperitifs. Or to perhaps to linger over a romantic dinner in the fresh summer evenings

But it is the Sunday brunch which amazes the most demanding eyes and palates, and it is undoubtedly thanks to this that the bistro has been given such excellent online reviews. It is an opportunity highly appreciated both by tourists who want to immerse themselves in a rich variety of local flavours and by the inhabitants of the town, who appreciate the quality and variety.

At Bistrò Win61 it is possible to taste the piduneda, a typical stuffed calzone pastry with spinach and sausage. Here it is handmade using a rolling pin, as is the tradition. It is an ancient countryside recipe that has been handed down from the 1600s, and which became famous in 1763 when the Prince of Paternò requested it as the main dish during the Christmas celebrations.

The bistro is an excellent solution for those who, when visiting Grammichele, want a quick stop to sample some of the authentic local flavours. In fact, at Bistrò Win61 it is possible to find numerous gastronomic varieties typical of Sicilian street food, such as arancini, typical Sicilian stuffed focaccias, fried pizzas, and naturally traditional ones.

Do not miss the wide offering of typical Sicilian desserts either, such as cannoli or the classic granita with a brioche—yes, because Bistrò Win61 is also open for breakfast and after dinner.

Written by: Valdinoto Team

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